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Zlib Support for the PalmOS Platform

Currently included in ZBoxZ while this page is under construciton.

New! Current patch against zlib-1.1.4 is zlib114-1.dif
Since the only thing that might happen is a fatal error, and I haven't fully tested things, I'm waiting until I redo the .zip archives with the PRC. But for those who want to build against the current directory, you need this. It also requires awk to create a version file, so it will show ZLib 1.1.4-1 in the info/version screen. This patch includes the 7.1 patch in the patches section on the developement page.

Current patch against zlib-1.1.3 is zlib113-7.dif

Current file archive (library .prc, headers, etc. inc. diff):

Zlib Homepage is at

You can give feedback at the project page but I am setting that up as well.


This shared system library implements the compression algorithm used in zip and gzip, and PNG files. Since it is a standard palm shared system library, it is used just like a DLL under windows or .so file under Linux and such.

Distributed under the ZLib license - see the zlib home page for more info. No fee is required for distribution or modification, but attribution must be maintained.

Boxer uses it to do compression and decompression and the PNG viewer also uses the decompression. More things are planned and will appear here including PNG images.

[PNG (apps) now!]

Plucker (offline html viewer - AvantGo like) uses PalmZLib for (de)compression.

Palm Progam Compressor!

Runzip, Now included in Boxer.


Updated to use this shared ZLib. Binaries only. Requires external hardware.
Download playmidi45a
Download playmidi46 beta for PalmOS 3.5 - m100 and IIIc, etc.